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Welcome to the exciting world of education in Canada. With your success as a primary focus, our main objective is to provide an education that will guide you towards a meaningful career. SELC College is honoured to be a part of your journey. Never before have students needed mentorship and guidance as much as today in these current times and we intend to fulfil our mission to be a “Beacon of Light” for all our students – like a Lighthouse that provides safe passage from perilous waters. At SELC we believe in ‘Directed Learning,’ from industry professionals that serve as instructors and career counsellors who have gained the necessary experience in the workplace to guide students to enter the workforce. We believe in our students and we are standing by to assist them before, during and after they graduate whether it be to provide lifelong free refresher training, lifelong free upgrading or lifelong free job placement assistance and support. SELC is proud to be one of the few remaining post pandemic Language and Career Colleges to survive the recent COVID-19 Pandemic crisis and we are more ready than ever to play our part as an applied learning destination in the private post-secondary education landscape of British Columbia and Canada. Through all the adversity we’ve had to face, our staff have shown their resilience and commitment towards change as we adapt to the new age of applied learning in a COVID safe environment. We are pleased to have met the standards of the Canada Health Authorities for the new measures of DLI (Designated Learning Institution) COVID approvals to accept international students from abroad. Welcome to Canada and above all welcome to your future home – SELC College and SELC Language College. – PATRICK DANG

Our Motto

Our Motto is “A guiding light shining in the dark guiding our students towards the workforce in a meaningful way,” Just like a lighthouse ensures safe passage for all ships sailing in uncharted waters.


Our mission is to establish a core philosophy and value system for language learners. Through our “Active Learning Capability System”, SELC Language College is determined to become a centre of excellence for English language proficiency. Our instructors are selected for their active learning capabilities to instill a culture and environment that is conducive to producing English speakers at the highest levels.


At SELC Language College, our vision is to continuously develop a community of language learners from all corners of the globe. SELC Language College is a hub for language learners who crave a unique active learning experience that builds confidence and skills in our graduates.

Sammy Takahashi

Warm welcome to SELC Language College. SELC was established in Sydney, Australia in 1985. I was involved in starting its Canadian branch school in Vancouver in 2012, where I served as the principal until 2016. I currently oversee the English language programs. There are many English language schools around the world. What differentiates SELC from others is our unique concept of Active Teaching and Active Learning (ATAL). The moment you walk into our school, you can feel the difference. Our students are very active and lively, which creates a great learning environment. You’ll learn English as if you were engaged in playing a sport. We’ve developed our teaching method based on the above concept. SELC’s approach will help you command English communication skills faster and more effectively than other commonly used teaching methods. SELC’s focus is always speaking and listening with an emphasis on good pronunciation and being able to talk in front of people. Come to SELC Language College. I look forward to helping you become fluent in English.

Welcome to SELC Language College

Empowering Students Towards A Brighter Future

Approaching 30,000 Graduates since 1985

At SELC we are dedicated to providing our students with:

  • Quality teaching from professionals and caring teachers

  • Unique and practical language courses and career programs

  • An excellent mix of nationalities, with students from 45 countries.

  • A chance not only to learn but also to connect with many different people who can change your life!

With student from over 45 Countries around the world

At SELC we are dedicated to providing our students with:

  • Here at SELC Language College, we have developed our own brand and culture.

  • This is what separates us from the larger and less personal institutions.

  • Students arriving at SELC for the first time are always pleasantly surprised at the range and quality of facilities we have, including the excellent student support that SELC has to offer.

  • In fact, SELC students immediately notice the personal and nurturing environment that ensures all students can settle comfortably into their studies.

  • This motivating atmosphere that SELC has fostered is an intrinsic value in our student culture.

  • The staff go out of their way to make the college a place where everybody knows your name and where you as a student can feel at ease and welcome no matter what continent you are from.

Our Campus

SELC Language College, located in the heart of the
trendy Gastown district downtown, is one of Vancouver’s
oldest and most culturally diverse neighborhoods.

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I’m very pleased with my English program at SELC.My plan is to continue my study at SELC College. I like my teachers and classmates.
Saudi Arabia
At SELC, I took the Barista Program. It was a lot of fun to learn about coffee through the class.I could make not only latte, but also cappuccino, flavoured latte and Many other drinks. If you like coffee, this would be a perfect program for you.
I chose SELC because it has a career college where I’m going to study business after brushing up on my English At SELC the teachers and the students are very kind and well-motivated. I became more extroverted and enjoy expressing my feelings.
Thanks to Metricon team I started my new business and managed to expand my previous one. My business partner also used Metricon service for his company and was very satisfied. As for now we don't have any financial problems.
Dominican Republic
SELC has a warm atmosphere. The staff is so friendly and the instructors are awesome.They are well prepared and they care about every single student. They also have amazing and fun activities. We made some incredible friends from different countries.
Bruna and Alexis
I chose SELC since it offered me a very good learning environment. SELC provides students with a lot of opportunities to speak English. SELC has many electives which are focused on listening and speaking. I took the Barista class which no one else offered in Vancouver. The atmosphere is quite relaxing and I was able to improve my English skills.
South Korea

Why study at SELC Language College?

Active and lively learning environment

Highly motivated students from around the world

Friendly, caring, and yet strict teachers

Strict English only policy

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